Delivery Docket

Delivery Docket is the document that proves that the shipments or packages are delivered and received. It is the document that allows both deliveryman and receiver to acknowledge the content of the package. It also the evidence that the package already delivered and the received.

Delivery Docket list down all item in the package which allows both delivery and receiver to compare with the actual goods. It prevents both parties from delivery and receives the wrong items. And both parties can use it as evidence if there is any dispute between them.

Delivery Docket allows the seller to do the last check between the actual product and the customer order (Purchase Order). It will prevent the wrong delivery from happening.

Delivery Docket Elements

The delivery docket should include the following items:

  • Customer Name
  • Address
  • Contact information: it allows the delivery man to contact the customer.
  • PO number: the PO number that the customer place with the vendor.
  • Due date: The date vendor agrees to deliver goods to the customer.
  • Reference number
  • List of Product name: To ensure the product order and product received is the same.
  • Quantity: it is the quantity that the customer has ordered, it can be less if the delivery take place multiple times.
  • Delivery Signature: to ensure customer received product from the official company.
  • Customer signature: to ensure the right customer received the goods and use them as evidence in case of a dispute.

Delivery Docket Template

Advantage of Delivery Docket

Seller (Deliver) Buyer (Receiver)
It helps to prevent the thief from stealing the goods. The delivery docket is the evidence that goods are really delivered to the customers. The delivery man cannot steal the package during the delivery.The security guard around the warehouse can prevent unauthorized goods from moving out of the area. Delivery Docket prevents the customer from receiving the wrong package. The customer may have many purchase orders, so it is hard to keep up with all orders. By checking at the docket, we can see the PO reference which allows them to trace back.
Delivery docket will attach with the goods as the supporting document to match with goods. The invoice can be sent separately after delivery. Compare the actual goods with the original order.
Support document for the stock issue to the customers and it allow to trackback to customer order if something goes wrong. Use the delivery docket to update the inventory in warehouse. It is the supporting document that warehouse can use to record stock in.
To Assist the accounting department in issuing the invoice after delivery of goods. To compare the delivery docket to the invoice bill from the supplier.